5 Things to Bring You Closer as a Couple


‘Tis the season and LOVE is in the air! I was never one to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but the girls love it and, well, I love them. So here we are-buying heart shaped earrings, t-shirts and getting flowers delivered for the big holiday. If you’re coupled up, here are some fun things you can do together during the month of February (and really all year long) that don’t involve a Netflix binge!


  1.  Make a fancy Dinner together. I love to cook. So anytime I get to cook for someone else, other than my kids, it brings me happiness. I like to either look up a recipe or order a meal ready to prepare from one of the meal delivery services like Blue Apron. (not an affiliate link, it’s just one of my favorites!) Have kiddos at home? Make them a special kid friendly meal earlier in the night and off to bed they go so that ‘date night in’ can commence.
  2. Make a Playlist together. Have a road trip coming up or planning a night in? Make a playlist to go along with your activity. My partner and I use Spotify to make playlists for car trips together and it’s so fun to see what each of us adds to it. You can learn a lot about someone through their music choices!
  3. Start your own bookclub. I saw this idea on one of the Peloton instructor’s Instagram page, so I can’t take credit for it, but I loved the idea! You each take turns reading a different book, switch mid-month and talk about the 2 books at the end of the month. I thought this was such a cute idea. Reading not your thing? You can also do this with audiobooks!
  4. Turn The TV off. Talk. Challenge each other to Wordle. Play a game. It’s so easy to sink into the couch and binge a show (it can be fun too!), but try and take at least 15 minutes of uninterrupted time to chat about your day, or anything really.
  5. Keep a running list. Last year, I got the best invite my organized, little heart could’ve ever desired…An invite to a google spreadsheet called “Cool Shit”. I had met my match. A list of date ideas, restaurants and other fun things we want to do together. I love discovering new restaurants and bars and adding them to our list. That way, when it comes down to the dreaded question, “Where do you want to eat tonight?” We consult the list!

What other date night/couple ideas do you have? Sound off below!


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