Photo C/O Mo Schultz @ moschultzphotography.com

Hi! I’m Maria and welcome to my website! Here you will find some information about myself, my business, how to contact me and where to find me on the internet.

When I’m not busy behind my camera, you can find me having dance parties in my kitchen with my two girls (Madelyn who’s 4 and Isla who’s 1), playing endless games of Candyland, sleeping cuddling up on the couch with my wonderful husband (Larry), meeting friends for coffee/wine dates or planning my next adventure. I look forward to quiet nights in, but I hate to sit still. Coffee powers me through my day. Chicago deep dish is my favorite pizza, but I don’t discriminate. Running makes me feel invincible. I love to tell stories. Real people and real moments are what excites me.

So take a look around and come back! I’ll be blogging some of my favorite past session as well as blogging what I’m currently working on. Send me a message if you have any questions, if you want to inquire about a session or you simply just want to chat!



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  1. Lea Lovora says:

    Congratulations Maria!!