This past week, I sat down with my sister to talk to her about all things babies. She’s a first time mom and I wanted to talk to her about how life has changed since bringing little Stella into the world.  Scroll down for the interview-it’s a good one!

Q. What’s one thing you’ve learned about babies since having Stella that you never knew before?

A.Babies let you know what they need. Even though they can’t talk, you really learn their cries and the difference between a hungry cry or a dirty diaper cry or I just want to be held cry.

Q. What’s the best part about becoming a mom? 

A. Everything she does amazes me, I still think, I’m a mom? And what I really mean by that is when I see her developing into her own personality, and discovering the world around her I’m just amazed by everything she does because I created her.

Q. And on the flip side, what has been the most challenging part?

A. The sleepless nights. Thankfully those are fewer these days, but she’s getting teeth and when she’s in pain, it’s no fun for anyone.

Q. Tell me one thing that you miss about your pre-baby days.

A. Honestly it’s hard to remember life before Stella, but sometimes I miss being able to come and go as I wish. Now I plan my outings based on her napping and eating schedule.

Q. What was mom right about? 

A. To trust your mommy instincts. She told me kids come with the answers. I wasn’t sure what she meant by that until Stella was here and I learned to trust my gut when dealing with decisions regarding my daughter.

Q. What advice would you give expecting, first-time moms right now?

A.Enjoy and cherish every moment, the beginning is a learning curve for everyone but it gets easier, don’t let mom guilt get the best of you… know the most important thing you can give your child is love and as long as you’re doing that, you’re doing a pretty good job!

Kurt reached out to me a few months back and asked if I’d be available to take pictures of his kids for his wife’s birthday as a surprise. Kurt’s son is getting ready to leave for basic training, so he knew that this would be a gift that should would love.

Photography sessions make great, one of a kind gifts for moms. Whether it be a seasoned mom who wishes she had more professional pictures of her children, or an expecting mom (maternity & newborn sessions) photography sessions are a wonderful gift to give. They also make great anniversary gifts to couples, because every year deserves to be celebrated.


The rain didn’t keep us from having a fun family session at Boerner Botanical Gardens. The trees provided a lot of coverage and the girls had an umbrella to keep dry. Todd and Liz, your girls are adorable!

I’ve had the joy of knowing little Preston’s mom (Jen) since middle school. We worked with each other through various restaurant jobs in our younger days but drifted our separate ways shortly before college started. Thanks to the wonderful world of Facebook, we were able to stay connected.

I was thrilled when Jen reached out to me asking me to capture Preston’s 1 year. It’s such a change of pace for me when I get to photograph a family that has little boys. I have two girls, my sister is about to have a baby girl and my female cousin has a daughter. So you can kind of get what I mean when I say it’s a welcomed change of pace.

I have to say Preston did very well in front of the camera. There were no meltdowns and we had fun exploring the park! He can hang out with me any day!