It’s a new year. A chance for a fresh start and a season of goal setting. I’m not one for making resolutions, but I do like to create goals. Last year, at the start of my business, I discovered Powersheets. It completely changed the way I looked at and set my goals. Powersheets was created by Lara Casey. It’s a planner that breaks down your goals by season, month and day. It’s based on intentional goal setting and making sure you take those little steps every day to help work towards the goal. Even in a digital world, I will always be a paper and pen girl, so I love all the space to write, doodle, etc.



In Powersheets, there is a place to write your word of the year. I thought long and hard about what word I wanted to represent my year.

Presence. I want to show up in everything I do. In this day and age, it is so hard NOT to be distracted by something. We are constantly checking our phones for an e-mail, mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, typing Facebook into our web browser without even realizing why we are going to it. My goal for this year is to put the phone down and be more intentional with how I spend my time.

So how to do I plan on being more present in 2018?

  • I have set specific business hours for myself and a schedule with how I’m spending those hours.
  • When I’m spending time with my kids the phone is away, unless I’m taking a picture or posting something cute on Instagram Stories…like Isla trying to tell Alexa to stop.
  • I’ve limited my web browser tabs to just 2. I want to give whatever I’m doing my full attention so that I can get it done and move onto the next task.
  • Date nights without phones. Whether it’s date nights in or nights out.
  • I’ve shut off all notifications on my phone and when I’m at the gym I set it to sleep mode. Because there’s nothing more annoying than being on the treadmill and getting stuck in a group message about nothing at all.

So these are just some things I’m doing to be more present in my business, my life and the lives of others around me. It’s definitely going to take work and a conscious effort-these little devices and a need to constant be connected is addicting! But it actually feels good to disconnect and set some limitations.

What’s your word of the year? Any good goals for 2018?