10 Photographers you Need to Know

As much as I would love to take all the weddings and photo sessions, (believe it or not) I am only one person. A lot of times I get multiple inquires for the same dates and I have to refer them out to other photographers. Enter this blog post. Below are some of my all time favorite photographers in the Milwaukee area. I’ve either worked with them personally or have heard wonderful things about them through other industry leaders.

Mo Schultz. I’ve known Mo since middle school, so we go way back. She has photographed my family and when I was interested in photography and weddings, she took me under her wing and trusted me to second shoot a GORGEOUS wedding with her without any prior experience. She is talented and loves on her clients with her whole heart. A true Enneagram 2 to her core 🙂

Hannah Toldt. I was introduced to Hannah through a mutual friend of ours and I’ve had the pleasure of getting to photograph her beautiful face multiple times. She truly is a joy to work with and brings so much FUN to her sessions. She is wildly talented and brings such good energy to everyone around her.

The Uttkes. An incredible husband/wife team, who I’ve heard nothing but great things about. While I’ve never actually met these two, I feel like know them pretty well. Social media plus having mutual friends will do that. They’ve referred a few amazing clients to me which I’m grateful for. They’re a fun couple and I admire their photography work. And they have a really cute kiddo!

Naomi Love. Through the power of social media, I found this beauty through mutual friends, photographers, and our hairstylist. Naomi has second shot with me a few times this year and I’m forever grateful for her and her talented eye.

Stephanie Koppa. I’ve worked with Stephanie quite a few times and it’s always a fun time. Stephanie is sweet, funny and has a great eye for capturing those in between moments. I love working with her and I find her work so refreshing.

Sarah Glick. I met Sarah at a networking event and we became fast friends. Sarah is real, loves on her clients, and captures a wedding day in such an artful way.

Stephanie Sanchez. A natural visual storyteller. I found Stephanie through a friend of mine and she’s done family photos for me and my girls. Stephanie is wonderful to work with and her photography work is beautiful beyond words.

Chelsea Matson. Another photographer who I’ve never actually met, but we chat quite frequently on Instagram. Her work is real, emotional and something to be admired.

Jen from Dogs of MKE. If your fur baby is the center of your photoshoot (and your life), I cannot recommend Jen enough. I’ve known Jen for a few years now and I had the pleasure of photographing her family to include her Goldendoodle, Gino. She’s truly amazing at what she does. And if you don’t have a dog but love them, you should just follow her Instagram for an instant mood boost.

Santiago Murillo. I’ve admired Santiago’s work for years. He’s extremely talented and does an amazing job capturing the wedding day in such an artist and real way.

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