Skin Detox

My Skin Journey
I became obsessed with skincare probably around sometime in college. It was the first time that my skin had ever given me any real issues (stress, bad college habits etc.)-which in turn caused me to pay more attention to it. Not knowing what to do, I switched to a harsher cleanser and saw a dermatologist who gave me a topical cream. Those worked for a little while and then I’d have to switch to a different cleanser/a different topical cream.
Breakouts along my jawline and on my cheeks was something I dealt with on and off well throughout my twenties. I just figured it was my new normal. My face wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t as clear as it used to be. It wasn’t until I decided to try out the paleo lifestyle (no grains, dairy, legumes) that my skin cleared up and stayed that way. I got compliments on my “glowing skin”. My skin looked great and I felt great.
About a year ago, my photography business really started to gain some traction, which is AMAZING and I’m incredibly grateful. But with that came stress, less sleep and poor eating habits. My skin was the worst it’s ever been. My face hurt to touch. I wouldn’t leave the house without putting on makeup. I’m pretty sure some tears were shed. I saw a dermatologist for the second time in my life. She looked at my for about two minutes, gave me a prescription for Spironolactone and sent me on my way. I started the medication right away, read reviews, learned that acne comes back after stopping the medication and decided that route wasn’t for me.

This wasn’t the worst of it.

I looked at how I was treating my body (little sleep, no plan for stress management, and bad eating habits) and knew I needed to get a handle on things. Prioritizing sleep and going back to eating mainly paleo was enough to clear up my face. In January, hubs and I completed the 21 Day Sugar Detox. On top of that, I added in rules from the two week skin cleanse I found on Lauren Conrad’s Blog.
The Rules
Allison, the author of the post, does a great job explaining the why behind the rules. So, if you have any questions about cutting something out and its affects on the body, click over to the post to read up more about that.
1. Cut out all refined sugar
2. Add leafy greens to each meal
3. Drink a glass of warm lemon water each morning
4. Make your midday snack a healthy one
5. Amp up your cilantro and parsley
6. Stay off of soy
7. Cut the coffee
8. Use only natural, non-toxic/chemical free, skincare products
9. Use a face oil 3 times a day
10. Drink half your weight in water every day
11. Don’t skimp on your healthy fats
My Experience
I thought cutting coffee out was going to be the end of me but I ended up not even really needing it. I did miss the comfort of a warm beverage in the morning, but quickly found substitute for my morning coffee-matcha green tea with coconut milk. Cutting out sugar, eating healthier and getting more sleep sleep did wonders for my energy levels. I still drink coffee, but not in the amount I was before.
One major thing I noticed in my skin was that it was a lot more hydrated and any fine lines I have on my face weren’t as visible. The esthetician I see even made a comment about how hydrated and plump my skin looks. When I did have a breakout, it did go away a lot faster than it had in the past. They used to take forever to clear up.



I could talk about skincare all day long, so with that being said, I will be starting a skincare blog series! I’ll be sharing things relating to nutrition, things I’ve tried, products that I love and stand by, what has worked, what didn’t work etc.
I know that when I was engaged, having a clear, glowing complexion for my wedding day was really important to me, so I want to share any helpful information that I do have with future brides. When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good you’re more confident and that shows through in photos. So stay tuned for that blog series along with some giveaways starting in March!

Straight out of camera…keepin’ things real!

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  1. Ann says:

    What do you use to clean and moisturizer your skin? Also, what makeup products are your go-tos?

    • Maria Campbell says:

      Hi Ann! I use a variety of products depending on AM/PM. In the morning I use a micellar water. In the evening I use cleansing grains if I’ve worn makeup that day. If no makeup, then I use a gentle cream based cleanser. My next post is actually going to be about what cleanser/moisturizers etc I use along with my favorite every day makeup.

  2. Ann says:

    Awesome!! Looking forward to reading that!!