Sweet Pea, Baby Audra

Sarah and Mark waited for years to be blessed with a beautiful baby. So imagine their excitement when they found out this past winter that Sarah was pregnant! After months of riding the high of pure joy that comes from finding out you’re about to be new parents, their world turned upside down early February. It was then that they found out that their little Sweet Pea, (a nickname they had given the baby) had spina bifida, a condition that affects the spinal cord.

Audra Mae entered the world on May 5th. She was a little fighter from the very beginning and I have had the honor of following along with Mark and Sarah’s journey. They started a Facebook group for their family and friends to follow along with what’s going on with Audra Mae. I’ve read nearly every post, cried happy tears for this couple, and prayed lots of prayers for their little girl. I truly believe that God gives his most special angels to the most deserving parents. These two have handled their “new normal” incredibly and Audra Mae couldn’t have been put in better hands. During their session, Mark played chanting monks on his phone to get Audra to sleep. He said he had watched a YouTube video about how to help sooth babies while he was in the NICU with his new daughter and chanting Monks is what worked.

Congratulations you Sarah & Mark! She is beautiful and was such a treat to work with. Sending lots of love and prayers your way!


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